We are a freelance company to help you add online applications to your business.

Our Services

01 Bespoke Applications

We specialise in web development. We create web applications to give your customers the best digital experience.

02 Mobile Applications

We develop phone apps for Apple iOS products like the iPhone 7 and Android-powered smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S7.

03 Responsive

All of our applications are responsive so people can use their mobile devices to access relevant and useful information while on the go.

04 Hosting

Software is installed on our preferred cloud platform. Automatic backups are maintained by the cloud provider. We will manage software updates.

05 Plan I

We listen to your problem and try to get to the root of that problem. We clearly define the work that will be performed and the product that will result from this work.

06 Plan II

Clear understanding of your requirements. We do that by producing detailed wireframes that show how the screens will connect the workflow logically in your application.

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